Hey everyone 👋🏾. Welcome back to our blog. I haven't decided if I should give it a special name or exactly how frequent the posts will be but I figure that will all come in due time. For now, I'll just stick to creating posts about what Is relevant to D's Delights. Happy reading!


During the last weekend of February I had the pleasure of being a vendor at the Black Creatives and Culture Market hosted by Da Spot in City Point (Albee Square Mall) in downtown Brooklyn. The market was great - there were amazing performances, workshops, and art experiences. I met some great vendors and I had wonderful conversations with new and returning customers/supporters.

Even more impactful than everything else, was the feeling I experienced that weekend. It was so amazing to see so many talented people of color in one space. For far too long, we’ve been inundated with negative images and portrayals of people of color. I can openly admit that those depictions have negatively affected me. But that’s the point right? What is the purpose of constantly presenting these images other than to make us feel less than and destined for failure or hardship? Bearing witness to the array of outstanding talent gathered in one space and recognizing that I was in just one small pocket of the world, served to remind me of how awesome we are as a people. Regardless of how hard the mainstream media has worked/continues to work to keep us down, we are an amazing people. In that moment, I actually felt like I could cry. Yes, it was that serious for me.

These people would have no idea how their very existence and presence in that space breathed new life into me. Pursuing entrepreneurship and the creative arts is no easy feat and it can feel even harder when you feel alone. I felt so reinvigorated, determined, and motivated to keep pursuing my dreams. While they may never know the impact they’ve had on me, I am truly grateful to have been in that space with those people that weekend.

There is more that I could and want to say about that weekend but I’ll leave it here, for now.

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