About Us

Founded in 2020 by a Registered Nurse, D’s Delights makes jewelry with the intention of helping our clients be seen and feel seen. We create our jewelry with vibrant, high quality semiprecious gemstone beads and African recycled glass beads. We also specialize in hand-painted wood earrings. We create designs that stand out from the cookie cutter jewelry found at mass retailers.

At D’s Delights we pride ourselves with making standout jewelry that is neither boring nor cookie cutter. Every piece of jewelry is handmade by our founder with careful consideration and attention to detail. We do not make jewelry just for the sake of making jewelry. We believe that if our heart is not in the design, the piece will reflect that and it won’t meet our standards or yours. 

In addition to the passion behind our designs, the beauty of our designs comes from the materials we use. We source quality materials from carefully selected suppliers from across the U.S., India, and Ghana. We specialize in creating with semiprecious gemstones and African recycled glass. In order to provide you with truly delightful designs, we search for beads with what we refer to as rich texture - amazing, eye catching details and colors. We invest in quality materials to provide you with beautiful, long-lasting, standout jewelry that is levels above the rest. 

Our driving goal is to create quality jewelry that makes you feel seen (literally and figuratively). Nothing brings us more joy than seeing you drawn to our jewelry, in awe of its beauty, and connected to its design.