Understanding Dyed Beads

Humans have a natural preference for vibrant colors. Research has shown that this is due to positive associations between bright colors in nature and survival/prosperity. Vibrant colors are often also associated with feelings of happiness, excitement, and high energy. 

You are probably asking what this has to do with jewelry. That's an easy question to answer - everything! People love beautiful colors and are often drawn to them because of the positive feelings they elicit. 

Gemstone beads haven been popular for centuries due to their beauty and versatility. Many gemstones naturally have beautiful and mesmerizing colors and patterns. However, it's quite fun to have pieces of jewelry that complement your outfit/look of the day! This is where gemstone dying comes in. 

Gemstone dyeing is an extremely specialized technique that is used to enhance or alter the color of certain gemstones. Not all gemstones can be dyed. There needs to be a certain level of porosity in order for the dyes or color enhancing agents to be absorbed.

Gemstone beads must first be meticulously cleaned to remove any residue and/or impurities. The dyes or color-enhancing agents are more effectively absorbed when the beads are clean.

Once cleaned, the beads are immersed in the appropriate dye or color-enhancing agent. This allows the dyes or color-enhancing agents to fully penetrate. The immersion time varies depending on the gemstone and the desired color. After the immersion, some gemstone beads may be heat treated to further enhance the color penetration and fixation. This step helps ensure the longevity of the dye and its resistance to fading over time. 

It is important to note that, while the beads being dyed are natural gemstones, they have been altered. For absolute transparency, dyed/altered beads should be identified as such. 

Gemstone dying opens up a world of endless possibilities when it comes to design and personal style!

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