Let's Talk About Beads 101: Rose Quartz

Happy New Year! Yes, it's the second week of January when this article is being published, but it is our first article of 2024. Here's hoping that you've had a smooth start to the new year.

We are back with another installment in our series: Let's Talk About Beads 101. This time around we are exploring Rose Quartz. Most people are quick to identify Rose Quartz due to its signature pink color. Let's go a little deeper than just the stone's notable color.

Rose Quartz is believed to be the stone of love and reconciliation. According to the Greek myth about Aphrodite and Adonis, their blood was mixed when Aphrodite was cut by a thorn bush while saving Adonis. Their blood stained white quartz, resulting in a rose-pink color. 

Found in Madagascar, Brazil, and South Dakota, Rose Quartz has a Mohs hardness rating of 7. This rating means Rose Quartz is durable enough to be used in a variety of jewelry applications. 

Rose Quartz is strongly associated with love. It is believed to encourage love for oneself, one's partner, children, friends, family, community, and the Earth. It is believed that Rose Quartz's soothing vibrations are calming and cleansing. Rose Quartz is also believed to release tension and stress, dispel fear and suspicion, dissolve anger and resentment, and reawaken faith and hope. 

This was a quick exploration into Rose Quartz. Hopefully, you learned something and/or are taking away something that you find beneficial. 

See you next time 👋🏾.

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