Let's Talk About Beads 101: Hematite

Here we are again, back with the latest installment of Delightful Gems. For today's entry, we will discuss Hematite as the next stone for our Let's Talk About Beads 101 series. 

Hematite's name comes from the Greek word for blood. While we are used to seeing hematite with a metallic grey color, hematite has a reddish color when in powder form. Hence the name.

Hematite has a hardness rating of 5 to 6. While durable for use in making jewelry, care should be taken to prevent accidental damage. 

Hematite is believed to be very effective for grounding oneself. It is thought that hematite can counteract spaciness and confusion. This is achieved by helping the person see practical concerns and move forward with useful action. 

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