Welcome to our first blog post of 2023!

We thought it only proper to (re)introduce and our brand and the woman behind it.

First, a little about me.

I, Deidra, am the founder/owner/designer/creator of D's Delights. I am a married mother of two. In my current life, besides running D's Delights, I am a Registered Nurse. My clinical experience includes about 8 years in Labor and Delivery and about 1 1/2 years in school/one to one nursing. I also have a Master's degree and 3 years of work experience in Nursing Informatics. In my previous life, I earned my Master's Degree in Library Science and worked for the Queens Borough Public Library and an independent school in Manhattan. Before that, I earned a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology. I have definitely traveled a winding road to get to where I am now.  

Now on to my business.

D's Delights is based in Brooklyn, New York. D's Delights was started in 2020. The idea to make bracelets came to my mind while I was working a night shift at my part time job. It seemed like a decent way to combat the stress of working as a Registered Nurse during the pandemic while also being able to share something with my coworkers. I ordered some supplies and got to teaching myself how to make bracelets. I sat on my bedroom floor after work and on the occasional day off. I had no idea that I would make it to this point and I look forward to going much further!

The D's Delights tagline is "handmade jewelry designed to capture your style and bring you joy."  I create pieces intended to capture the versatile style of my clientele. I craft every piece of jewelry myself.

While my designs vary, they are intentional. I approach my designs with the mindset that there a lot of people like me - some days I want to be extra and some days I want to be more reserved. Either way, I don't want to have the same cookie-cutter, mass-produced pieces that everyone else has. I want what I wear to reflect my individuality. That is the lens through which I approach my designs.

I am intrigued by bold, unique designs and I love color. However, over the years, situations in my life have led me to suppress that part of me. Since starting D's Delights I have gradually been reclaiming that aspect of me and bringing it to my designs more and more. Having this business has opened me up to being more experimental and unapologetic.

D's Delights primarily features designs made with semiprecious gemstones, African recycled glass, wood, bone, and brass. Gold-filled and sterling silver items are gradually being introduced. The jewelry offered by D's Delights is made in limited quantities and designs change with each launch. This is done deliberately so that my clientele feel an added sense of joy, knowing that whatever piece they purchase is one of a small batch or even one of a kind.


This brings us to the end of our first blog post! I hope you enjoyed reading it and learning a bit more about the brand and the woman behind the brand.

We haven't decided on an exact schedule quite yet but the goal is to have at least a few posts every month. Stay tuned for more!!

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