Gold-plated vs Gold-filled Jewelry

We're back with another educational blog post, helping you understand a bit more about all things jewelry :)

This blog post will explain the differences between gold plated and gold filled jewelry. 

Gold plated jewelry is more widely known than gold filled jewelry. It is also much more affordable. However, there are some very important things to note about gold plated versus gold filled jewelry. 

Gold plated jewelry has a very thin layer of gold that has been plated on top of a base metal. The gold typically amounts to 0.05% or less of the total weight of the piece of jewelry. That ultra thin layer of gold is plated on top of brass or copper and can rub off easily. Gold plated jewelry is also much more susceptible to tarnishing once exposed to liquids and/or chemicals. The gold layer does not corrode, but the base metal underneath will. 

Gold filled jewelry consists of a solid layer of gold that has been mechanically bonded to a base of jeweler's brass. By US standards, the gold layer of gold filled jewelry makes up 5% of the jewelry's total weight. Gold filled jewelry can be made with 12K or 14K gold. By comparison, gold filled jewelry has almost 100x more gold than gold plated jewelry!

The gold in gold filled jewelry cannot rub off as It is mechanically bonded to the base. Gold filled jewelry does not tarnish and is waterproof, making it great for everyday wear.  It is also hypoallergenic - it will not cause a reaction in people with metal allergies. Lastly, while more expensive than gold plated jewelry, gold fill jewelry is more affordable than solid gold.

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