Caring for your gold filled jewelry

Welcome to our latest blog post! This time around, we'll be talking about gold filled jewelry and how to take care of it.

Do you know what gold filled is? Have you even heard the term gold filled before? 

Gold filled jewelry consists of a solid layer of gold that has been mechanically bonded to a base of jeweler's brass. By US standards, the gold layer of gold filled jewelry makes up 5% of the jewelry's total weight. Gold filled jewelry can be made with 12K or 14K gold. By comparison, gold filled jewelry has almost 100x more gold than gold plated jewelry!

Gold filled jewelry has several benefits:

1) The gold in gold filled jewelry cannot rub off as It is mechanically bonded to the base. 

2) It does not tarnish.

3) It is waterproof, making it great for everyday wear. 

4) It is hypoallergenic - it will not cause a reaction in people with metal allergies. 

5) It is more affordable than solid gold.


Now that we've discussed what gold filled jewelry is, let's talk about how to care for it. You should care for your gold filled jewelry much as you would care  for other types of jewelry. Key tips:

  • Avoid wearing your gold filled jewelry in the ocean, hot tubs, or swimming pools. Salt water and chlorine can cause damage.
  • Keep your gold filled jewelry as dry as possible. Store your jewelry individually in an air-tight plastic bag to prevent rubbing against other jewelry which can cause it to lose its sheen.
  • Avoid wearing your gold filled jewelry when exercising. The salt in your sweat can cause your jewelry to become dull.
  • Perfume, hairspray and hand lotions contain harsh chemicals that may tarnish your gold filled jewelry.
  • Gently wipe your gold filled jewelry with a non-scratch, jewelry polishing cloth occasionally to promote shine.
  • If your jewelry is really dirty, you can clean it by gently scrubbing with a soft-bristled toothbrush and mild soapy water. Rinse gently under warm water to remove any residue. Be sure to air dry it thoroughly before storing. 

Following these key tips will protect your investment and allow your gold filled jewelry to last you for many years!


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