I did a little something…

If you didn’t see it before, you’ve definitely seen it now 🤭. I've changed the look and feel of D's Delights.

The new logo and color scheme are part of the recent rebranding of D’s Delights. I deliberated for months about how I wanted to clarify the mission of D’s Delights. I deviated a bit from my intentions last year and I wasn’t happy about that.

I fell into the unfortunate trap of creating for the masses rather than sticking to my true creative vision. I was constantly working yet, I didn’t feel like I was accomplishing much. By late August, I knew that I wanted/needed to get back on track.

I took a step back towards the end of last year to reflect and come up with a plan.

The first step was to remind myself of what my intention is for D's Delights. D's Delights creates eye-catching, standout pieces of jewelry that are not cookie-cutter and basic. D's Delights jewelry is intended for the wearer to be seen and feel seen. No longer will that get compromised. 

The next step was to figure out how I could convey what D's Delights is all about. That's where the rebranding came into play. The rich, saturated colors mirror my love and appreciation for vibrant colors. These colors also reflect my identity as a woman of color, inspired by beautiful women of color, creating beautiful jewelry for beautiful women of color. The new tagline is "artisanal jewelry tailored to reflect your individual style and evoke pure delight." 

The third step in this process was to rid myself of what no longer served me. I felt captive to the materials I purchased and the jewelry I made that didn't reflect my vision. I wanted to move on but the old stuff kept pulling me down to a dark place. I finally decided to delete most of my listings and purge those materials. They will no longer have me in a chokehold.

The fourth step is to quiet the negative voices. I am reminding myself that I was called to this craft for a reason. I love what I do and I have my own creative voice. I may not be for everyone but there are people out there who will love and appreciate that which I create. In order to find and connect with those people, I must not hide.

That brings me to the final steps. I am starting to release the jewelry that I'd made from the heart and have been holding back. I have many designs that I've held on to for months out of fear, uncertainty, and self-doubt. These are pieces that I created at times when I wasn't worrying about appealing to the masses. They are my true artistic expression. I will no longer hide them. Moving forward, all jewelry I release will be pieces that I create purely from my heart. I will also be unapologetic about sharing my work. There will be more and more content showcasing my creations.  

My vision for D’s Delights is to have it become a go-to brand for the effortlessly stylish woman who likes to mix it up and appreciates and understands the beauty of the various materials I use (semiprecious gemstones and African recycled glass beads) and the original designs I create with different media. 


*~ I wrote this blog article as a way for you to get a better understanding of the changes and the growth. I believe in honesty and I needed to be transparent about some of what goes into being an entrepreneur and a creative. It's still hard for me to refer to myself using those terms, but I'm working on it. There is so much that goes into this journey and it is challenging, but it is also so rewarding. ~*


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